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Dear Muzzleloading Dealer:


I am proud to announce that I am now associated with a relative newcomer to the muzzleloading industry, Markesbery Muzzle Loaders, Inc.  Many of you well know the founder, Russell Markesbery, who for a number of years has brought us the superb "Rusty Duck" gun care products, especially "Black Off", which is without a doubt the finest black powder/Pyrodex cleaning solvent on the market today.

Markesbery Muzzle Loaders, Inc., brings to the marketplace a very unique rifle design which is a pleasant blend of traditional styling and modern high-efficiency ignition.  This is not another in-line percussion system.  Instead, this rifle features an exposed, center-mounted hammer which swings on an arc to strike an exposed nipple thats every bit as positive and efficient as the best in-line ignition, but in a more traditionally styled package.  In fact, this system is a modern version of a very efficient original percussion ignition system which appeared in the mid 1800's, near the end if the muzzleloading era.

This design  could  prove to be the most user friendly muzzleloader ever offered.  The barrel can be removed from the receiver is just optional barrel of a different caliber or with a different sighting system can be reinstalled just as quickly.  A fast one-turn-in 26 inches rate of  rifling twist performs exceptionally well with a wide range of saboted and bore-sized lead conical bullets.  The true interchangeable barrel system allows scoped barrles to be removed or installed without any change in impact.  the cross-bolt type safety is the most positive of any muzzleloading big game rifle, totally blocking the hammer from striking the nipple.  Unique design allows the use of a full 24" barrel, but makes rifle a full four inches shorter that in-line rifles with same length barrel.  Well thought out engineering has eliminated most internal moving parts...the Markesbery rifle has only two...the pivoting center-mount hammer and trigger.  And, the easiest to clean muzzleloading system currently available...complete clean up takes just five minutes.  No other muzzleloader is as easy to maintain...or from which today's muzzleloading hunter can get the performance needed to bring down any North American big game animal.

Most importantly, Markesbery Muzzle Loaders, Inc. doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality.  these rifles are built with finest Green Mountain barrels, top quality walnut and laminated stocks, tough Bell & Carlson composite stocks, premium hunting sights, and other component parts precisely machined from the finest steels.  A Markesbery Muzzle Loader is built to last a lifetime...probably two or three.

The company is now designing a line of accessories to be especially compatible with these rifles.  One is the optional 400 SRP ignition system, which permits the shooter to replace the standard No. 11 percussion nipple with a much hotter ignition system which utilizes standard small rifle primers.  And no other muzzleloading company has spent as much time at the bench to determine which bullets give the best performance from their rifles.  The selection of bullets available from Markesbery Muzzle Loaders is the result of thousands of rounds with dozens of different bullet designs, weights, manufactuers, etc.,...not simply a reasonably compatible bullet which could be bought at the most reasonable price.

The rifle design from Markesbery Muzzle Loaders, Inc., should be of special interest to muzzleloading hunters who have concerns about changing hunting regulations which could shut the door on rifles of true in-line design.  One good example is Colorado's " again...on again" ban of modern in-line designs during the muzzleloader big game hunts...and pending regulation changes in other states.  The traditional center-mounted rear hammer of the Makesbery muzzleloading rifles insures that these rifles will remain legal wherever any percussion system is allowed.

If any of you ever need assistance with muzzleloading for improved accuracy...effective hunting loads...or any other technical information, please do not hesitate to give me a call at (212)829-4545.  I can also provide photos of hunters with muzzleloader taken game...loading a frontloading rifle...shooters at the bench...muzzleloading hunters in tree stands,,,or any other photos you may need to help illustrate promotional materials.





Toby Bridges


P.O. Box 55

Pearl, Il. 62361


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