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For Immediate Release

October 7, 1998



       Muzzle loading technology heads for the 21st  Century in high gear.  In fast over the past decade, more advancements has been made with muzzle loading guns and loading components than with any other aspect of the shooting sports.  And, it has been one of the fastest growing segments of the shooting and hunting sports.  For many, however this technology has gone too far too fast, and recent regulation changes either make it tougher to buy one of today's ultra-modern in-line percussion rifles, or state hunting regulations now prohibit the use of such guns.

       Beginning in January of this year, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms ruled that buyers must complete a form No. 4473 to purchase one of the newer "primer" ignition models, the same as when buying a modern center-fire handgun, hunting rifle or shotgun.  This means that these "muzzle loaders" can no longer be purchased through mail-order firms.  And due to their primer ignition systems, the guns are illegal to use during many special muzzle loader seasons across the country.  Earlier this year, the Colorado Wildlife Commission ruled that all "in-line" percussion rifles were illegal to use during the very popular muzzle loader elk and deer seasons in that state.  And there is now a fear that other states will follow with similar restrictive regulations.

       One muzzle loading design which avoids federal and state restrictions, while still delivering the efficiency and sure-fire reliability of an in-line, is the "Outer-Line" rifles from Markesbery Muzzle Loaders

       "The design of our rifles is a modernized version of a percussion ignition system, which saw use in during the Civil War", states Russ Markesbery, president of the company and the one who coined the "Outer-Line" designation.  "The slight angle of the nipple at the rear of  "side-hammer" designs, while the exposed hammer which swings in an arc makes this rifle legal where regulations prohibit the use of an in-line system.  The Markesbery Muzzle Loaders bring to today's shooter the best of both world...the efficient, instantaneous ignition of an in-line, but in a more traditionally styled package."

       The sure-fire performance of the Markesbery rifle is enhanced even more when the standard No. 11 percussion cap nipple is replace with the optional 400 SRP Magnum Ignition System.  This is a two-piece stainless steel arrangement that can be quickly and easily threaded right into the same threads for the nipple.  The top half is easily unthreaded from the place, the system is virtually weatherproof.  And when the hammer strikes the floating firing pin, upwards of ten times the fire of a No. 11 cap shoots into the powder charge for 100 guaranteed ignition, and better consumption of heavy hunting charges.  Where legal, this system allows the muzzle-loading hunter to head afield with the most efficient muzzle loading big game rifle available today.  And since the 400 SRP system is sold separately, this rifle does not require the form No. 4473 paperwork.

       Another great feature of the Markesbery design is how easily the rifle breaks down for cleaning.  Loosening a single hex-head screw on the bottom of the receiver allows the barrel to be removed from the receiver and butt stock in just seconds.  The nipple or 400 SRP primer ignition system is then easily removed, and the barrel assembly can be cleaned in just minutes, then the rifle reassembled.  The ease at which the barrel is removed also means that this is the quickest and easiest system for the shooter who enjoys the versatility of shooting different calibers.  The Markesbery "Outer-Line" rifles and optional interchangeable barrels are available in .36, .45, .50, and .54 caliber.

       While the half-cock notch of any traditionally styled muzzle loader should never be considered a true safety, when used i conjunction with the sliding cross-bolt safety of the Markesbery muzzle loading rifles, the combination results in one of the most positive and easy to use safety systems available.  And when that buck of a lifetime is slipping past just a few yards away, it is one of the quietest safety systems.

       If you're looking for unconventional performance and handling characteristics from the muzzleloader you shoot, then maybe its time you took a good look at this very unconventional muzzle loading system.  The Markesbery "Outer-Line" ignition rifles are the first muzzle loaders to give today's muzzle loading hunter the versatility, user friendliness and approval from game departments needed to insure the performance and acceptance you can rely on for years to come. - Toby Bridges


Outer-Line is a registered trademark of Markesbery Muzzle Loaders.


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